Beaches at Skiadaki and Aghios Nikitas

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Located at the mouth of a gorge, it is overshadowed by the tall, sheer cliffs, whose shade is appreciated by the daytime visitor.

Its other name of Petrigyari is also derived from the same impressive cliffs.

Isolated, it is small with pebbles and deep, very blue waters. As with other local beaches, it cannot be got to by road, though a difficult walk from Aghios Nikitas some 2-3 km off will get you here. Primarily, though, if you want to go, a privately-hired boat is necessary, from one of the nearby harbours, such as Treis Ekklesies or Tsoutsouras.

As you might expect, the beach has no organization, you will find no rent-rooms, restaurants or anything nearby.

Continuing along the East Asteroussia coastline, the next couple of beaches one will happen upon are at Aghios Nikitas and Maridaki.

Aghios Nikitas

Aghios Nikitas beach, close to Maridaki at Asterousia is a lovely beach, it has small pebbles, even gravel, and deep blue waters. Flanked by red rocks of a volcanic origin

A most lovely beach, it has small pebbles, even gravel, and deep blue waters. Flanked by red rocks of a volcanic origin, other massive rocks lying here and there on the beach make it a most unusual sight. It is not organized and without any infrastructure whatsoever.

The beach takes its name from the Monastery to Aghios Nikitas, whose main church is built in a cave set above it. The place is also noted for a tiny stand of Theophrastus palms (the native Cretan species), fenced off and near the monastery: it almost looks like an oasis in a desert!

To reach the beach, you have to take a difficult  dirt-road from the village of Achendrias to the monastery: 15 km of it! Once there, you proceed on foot down a path with 230 steps.

Another difficult walk will take you to Skiadaki to the west; whilst to the east the Maridaki beach can be got to after 15 minutes on foot.

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Additional Info

  • location West of Tsoutsouras, Archanes, Heraklio
  • free camping Yes
  • nudism Yes - in some areas
  • beach type Thin Pebble
  • accommodation No
  • dinning No
  • other facilities


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Access Info

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Distance: 66 km from Heraklion.

By sea: By private boat. The nearest ports are in Treis Ekklesias and Tsoutsoura.
On foot: From Agios Nikitas along a difficult path.

Agios Nikitas

Distance: 65 km from Heraklion.

By car/motorcycle: Take the difficult dirt road (15 km) from the village of Achentrias to the Monastery of Agios Nikitas. From there continue on foot to the beach, via a path with 230 steps!

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