Beaches in the area of Elafonisi

A journey of 80 km through green countryside from Chania town will bring you to the area of Elafonisi (Deer Island). Here are to be found some of the most striking, not to say exotic, beaches in Crete, They attract thousands of tourists every year.

Here we see Elafonisi, with its crystal waters, white sands and the shallow sea-passage that leads to the islet opposite. Thence, some 1.5 km to the south, is the deserted and unspoilt Kedrodasos (Forest of Cedars) with its bays large and small, its sand-dunes and the forest of cedar-trees, centuries old.


This beach is one of the most emblematic of the island, and is featured on countless postcards. It is to be found just 80 km from the Chania and 43 km from Kastelli, next to the Chrysoskalitissa monastery (of the Golden-Steps).

  • location Elafonisi, Kisamos, Chania
  • dinning Yes - limited choices
  • nudism Yes - in some areas
  • accommodation Yes - some choices
  • other facilities Yes - basic
  • free camping No

South of Elafonisi is another area of wild and remarkable beauty – Kedrodasos or the Forest of Cedars. Access can be made by car (up to a certain point) by a dirt-road through the plastic green-houses, or on foot following the E4 walking-route from the beach of Elafonisi itself.

  • location Elafonisi, Kisamos, Chania
  • dinning No
  • nudism Yes
  • accommodation No
  • other facilities No
  • free camping No

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