The rich and varied terrain of the island – the mountain massifs, the countless canyons, the caves, the sometimes wild, sometimes tender Cretan countryside, the measureless miles of coastline, the unusual and rare eco-systems and different microclimates that make up the island… all provide ideal opportunities for extreme sportsnature activities and other unique experiences.

An alternative approach to tourism in Rethymno has begun to emerge in the last years – there have grown up a number of companies dedicated to arranging activities on land and sea, for the Tyro and the Old-hand, for young and old.

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Alpine, mountaineeringand hiking routes acrossthe most significant mountain ranges of Crete (White Mountains, Psiloreitis and the Dikti range), taking in the E4 trekking path.  

  • areas of activities Chania, Rethymno, Heraklio, Lasithi
  • type Hiking, Adventure
  • activities Hiking, Mountaineering, Alpinism (Mountain Hiking), Alpine Skiing

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