Adventure Activities & Tours in Crete

Adrenaline-junkies and those hooked on intense experiences are not left in the cold in Crete. The options for such are ever increasing: from safari in 4x4 vehicles, on the roughest areas of the island, to bungee jumping from the second highest bridge in Europe above the Aradaina gorge.. and many other personalized experiences arranged by experienced professionals in the island.


On this tour you will visit a gorge and a beautiful waterfall in the Lasithi Region – east Crete. You will go along the coastline with its spectacular views while enjoying the Cretan wildlife.

  • location: , Lasithi/East Crete
  • Type: Hiking, Jeep/4X4/Motorbike, Guided Trips/Tours
  • duration: 1 days

Discover the hidden beauties of the Lasithi prefecture. Hike through a gorge nature and embrace the beautiful nature of Crete.

  • location: East Crete, Lasithi/East Crete
  • Type: Hiking, Adventure, Jeep/4X4/Motorbike
  • duration: 1 days

The gorge of Samaria is the longest and one of the most imposing gorges in Europe. Perhaps the most popular trekking path of Greece runs along its course.

  • location: , Chania
  • Type: Hiking, Adventure
  • duration: 1 days

You need to be an experienced paddler to finish this sea kayak trip towards/at Dia island. The whole route is very exposed to winds and force 4/5, sea state 4 is very common.

  • location: North Crete, Heraklion, Heraklio
  • Type: Water Element, Adventure, Guided Trips/Tours
  • duration: 3 days

Once everybody is ready for departure we will enjoy a great drive across Heraklio prefecture until we reach Psiloritis mountain. This is an one and a half, max two hours driving. Our target for the first day will be the highest summit of Crete...

  • location: Psiloritis, Asterousia, Dikte mountain ranges and coastal areas, Heraklio, Lasithi/East Crete
  • Type: Hiking, Water Element, Adventure, Guided Trips/Tours
  • duration: 8 days

This sea kayak trip is suitable to experienced paddlers only. You need to meet all critiria below. If you are in doubt for any of them please choose any of the other multi day trips as this one is very demanding.

  • location: South East Crete (Lasithi, Heraklion). From Makrigialos to Matala area, Heraklio, Lasithi/East Crete
  • Type: Water Element, Adventure, Guided Trips/Tours
  • duration: 8 days

Discover and explore west Crete like a bird on a private guided aerial sightseeing tour.

  • location: Chania prefecture, Chania
  • Type: Adventure, Guided Trips/Tours
  • duration: days

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